Titanic Dances
series in arts
MAZE aberration
quattro runners
The castle
Park moods
Dresden 2017
The Palace
Party inside – without anyone
Atlantic Breeze
Marina CT
Logistic Moves
Industries 4.0
the beauty of imagination
Media Port Düsseldorf
Visions and perspectives
Hidden Bays
colour – water – light
Nan Jing Shanghai
Rhine River Plains
Retreats in a city
winter woods
collection in nature
Dresden Gold
Glitter and Decay
Overclouding – Germany
Vanishing Clarity
Exodus Africa
Semper Oper
Montag Nacht
Shang Hai Walks
Night and Day
Dust of Diamond and Gold
e d i t i o n . i n . U R B A N
Shanghai …. up!

Jens-Christian Wittig on Show in Kapstadt bei "Opulent Living" Concept Store and Gallery! Ich danke ganz herzlich Barbara Lenhard und Florian Gast in Kapstadt!